What makes me a unique blogger

If you follow blogging, you’ve seen a fair share of similar personalities, blogging styles, and high clothing price points. Many of them portray a picture perfect life with neatly folded clothing and a world full of smiles without worries. That’s not me, nor do I need to pretend that my life is as such. It’s not real and I’m still puzzled by how others find it relatable. While I might share some similarities in my style with a few others (after all, that’s how fashion works), I have my own perspective and life experiences that I will bring to my blog. I have listed some ways I deviate from the blogging norm and hopefully you find it refreshing.


*Nothing against those who are, but I’m not Mormon and I’m not from Utah (or Dallas).  I actually spent most of my life in Minnesota.

*I don’t claim to be an expert in anything and spending all day on fashion isn’t my thing.  I’d rather be doing something adventurous, exploring new restaurant, being outside… In terms of fashion although I do appreciate quality and will invest for the right pieces, I don’t think (don’t quote me if I’m ever rich) that I would spend $500 on a pair of shoes.

*I have a post-grad degree and job in a STEM field.

*Of course I have my feminine side; dressing up, putting makeup on, feeling beautiful.  I also have my tomboy-at-heart side where i’d really rather be in jeans and a t-shirt, hiking, snowboarding, not worrying about my looks.

*I “dare” to be different.  Not so much to stand out by having blue hair or something, but just in the way that I don’t like following any and every trend.  I follow certain styles that I do like or think look good for my body type, but I sometimes try to find something a bit different than everyone else has.

*I’m a double addiction survivor.  I spent over 10 years suffering from an eating disorder, primarily anorexia, but have been healthy for >5 years.  I am also in recovery for alcoholism as I have been one of the lucky ones who was able to pull myself out and decide to get sober before it was too late.



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