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Weekend roundup

I really try to make my weekends adventurous.  I work during the week full-time and have a nearly 3 hours round trip commute.  I might be tired but I feel like sleeping and laying around is a weekend wasted.  My husband likes to spend more time relaxing than I do and I sometimes drive him crazy trying to get him to go explore…I mean we just moved to New York City!

(source: Woman Around Town)

My husband cooks a lot so we take a lot of adventures to Whole Foods for ingredients.  On Friday after a quick trip there to stock up for the weekend, we stayed in and ordered some Chinese takeout from a local place we had dined at before: Pig Heaven.

Pig Heaven

Review: The dumplings are amazing: delicious little pillows of flavor.  We ordered them before when we dined in at the restaurant so we had to have them again for delivery.  I got the chicken lo mein since I wasn’t feeling as adventurous as normal…sometimes I like to try something new but it is disappointing when it’s not what I expected (I ordered pan-fried noodles when I was at Pig Heaven before and they were a lot more crispy than I was expecting).  Chicken lo mein was typical, nothing special, but pretty good salty flavor and the noodles seemed fresh.  My husband got orange chicken which was flavored with small pieces of orange rind.  I thought his chicken was really good: flavorful with great crisp on the outside.

We had plans to go out for dinner on Saturday night with a couple we are friends with.  We had a delicious breakfast bagel from East Side Bagel to start the day and hold us over until dinner.  This might be my new favorite bagel shop because they do sell bacon and sausage (not so easy to find in NYC bagel shops!).

I was in need of a root touch-up and manicure so while my husband prepared some fish stock with fish carcasses he had collected, I roamed the city getting hair and nails fixed up.  I got my hair done at Level 77 and nails at Sapphire Nails.  I highly recommend both of them!

Fish stock.  Before and after.

Our Saturday night dinner was in Brooklyn at a Korean BBQ restaurant, Insa.  We waited just under an hour to get in and were seated at a long table at the end, sharing the table with others but separated by a movable board on the table.  We ordered an appetizer of fried chicken (had read it was one of their specialties) and ordered shrimp, short ribs, and pork belly for entree meats, along with kimchi fried rice.  The banchan came out quickly.  My favorite item was soybeans that were flavored with soy sauce and sugar, I believe.

Pork belly, delicious.  Short ribs, super delicious.  Shrimp…fail.  The shrimp was awful, it was as if they tried to save bad shrimp by over-marinating it.  *Application of a strong acid (citrus) to shrimp will cause denaturation and hence, mushy shrimp.  Apparently the waiters knew about the shrimp and had recommended the chef remove it from the menu but it was still being served.  Because of this experience, I cannot recommend Insa.  Considering this restaurant is in a city filled with many other Korean BBQ places to try, I have no reason to return and next time will be trying one in Korea-town.

See what I wore to the park!

Sunday!  [I’ll be doing another post with more Central Park pictures]  We took our dog to Central Park, did chores, and ended the night with some delicious beef sliders with buttered buns, white cheddar, and caramelized onions.

*Please correct me if I am wrong.

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