The Rules of NYC Transit

NYC transit

As someone who now lives in New York (see my reviews here and here), it was inevitable that I would be riding public transit.  That’s just what you do in this city.  Driving takes almost as long and is a bit scary/dangerous.  Then, we have issue of dealing with parking: paying to park or worrying about street sweeping if you could even find a spot in the first place.  If you did manage to have a car in the city, you’d need to buy bumper protection unless you didn’t care about your car.  So, I have no car and ride the subway, bus, and the train.


Transit frustrations

Riding transit can be really frustrating.  You can’t get places as quickly as if you lived somewhere else and drove there. I mean, we came from Arizona where we had our car parked right outside of our house.  Just hopped in and drove down the street to the store.  Yes, we get more exercise this way.  My iPhone health app says I’ve done a minimum of 3 miles just to get to and from work without even trying.  Sometimes you just want to be away from all the people!

My NYC transit rules

1) Hands off. Try not to touch me and I’ll try not to punch your face.  A lot of women have problems with being groped on a crowded train. Luckily I must put on a good angry face for most of my commute so no one messes with me. So far.

2) Come on, please don’t eat on the transit.  Do you know how gross your hands are after touching anything on that subway?  Homeless people sleep in there, rats climb around in the night, and people pee and throw up on occasion. Please wait until you get to your destination to eat.

Source: Spoon University

3) Make room for others but don’t sit on top of people.  I have seen people sit on the aisle seat of a bus with their purse next to them, while there are elderly people standing. That’s just rude.  At the same time, if there is plenty of seating, don’t sit by me.  Give me a space bubble if it’s at all possible.

4) Don’t talk to the bus driver.  Some people think the driver is their personal GPS system. Figure out where you’re going before you get on the bus. Otherwise he has to waste his time telling you and it holds up the bus. Please, it’s already never on time.

5) A tiny bit of peace and quiet please?  Most people are respectful enough to wear headphones to listen to music or watch videos.  Then there’s the guy who doesn’t care about anyone and hops onto the subway watching some really loud video on his phone, loud enough for the whole subway car to hear it.  Also, there are people who think they need to call their grandmother on the train and talk really loudly.  Why do you need everyone to hear your conversation?

6) Finally, don’t expect it to be on time!  If you Google a trip and have any type of switch to a different subway line, or a bus, don’t expect that it will work exactly as Google has it scheduled.  Nothing runs on time.  You’ll probably miss your second train by 1 minute.


Life In Leggings

Has anyone been on NYC transit?  Other transit?  Got some rules to add?

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