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Recovery & Adventure

I got sober a bit over 2 years ago and will perhaps share my story at another time.

I heard an old lady once say “I didn’t sober up to be miserable”.   It didn’t sink in right away and I still let myself have s*** days.  But the adventure bug took me over.  If I’m no longer going to be limited to my house because of my addiction, then I want to explore and experience life to the fullest.

I was sick of the same old same old life, my job, the people around me, the memories.  I wanted a change (more of a change than sobriety!).  It is recommended that when you get sober, you keep everything in your life the same.  I did the opposite.  I met my (now) husband a few months into my recovery.  We were hanging out and I was looking on Zillow at houses (just a weird hobby of mine)….

Long story short I threw out the idea of moving somewhere and before I knew it, we were driving across the country to Arizona.  The 2 years we spent in Arizona was driving around the state, flying to Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Florida, backpacking in Utah, exploring everything we could.  We didn’t happen to end up liking Arizona so we turned life into an adventure, trying restaurants everywhere and finding places to hike and explore “things to see/do” for tourists.


That’s what I want my life to be.  Crazy.  Happy.  I want to zipline, I want to go charter fishing, I want to travel as many places as possible, I want to snowshoe.  My list is growing.  As I develop my “life list” I’ll be sharing it with you, along with my adventures.

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