About Kirsten

I’m in my lower 30’s and a working professional, currently living in NYC with my husband and dog (here).  Through recovery from anorexia and alcohol I have been learning more about myself.   The constant question in my life is “what do I want to be when I grow up?” I chose a career field that I was naturally good at but not sure it has been the right fit for my personality.  It’s a difficult goal but I hope to one day escape the cubicle life and spend more time adventuring.

Fashion: I enjoy learning new things about fashion, in particular, budget-friendly fashion, petite fashion, ways to minimize my closet into great pieces (capsule), and best brands for quality, comfort, and style.  My goal is not to have the most items with designer names, but to have things that make me feel good about myself, comfortable, presentable, and that can stay in my wardrobe for awhile rather than just passing through as the latest trend.

Food: My husband is in the process of becoming a chef.  He always had the passion and talent and together we decided it would become his career if we moved to New York.  Having suffered from my eating disorder for about 10 years and learning about food with him, I have a great interest in new and delicious foods.

Adventure: Any addict will tell you how much they were a prisoner of themselves and their disease.  When I broke free from my addiction, I became passionate about living life with constant adventure and exploration.  My husband and I left the Midwest for a 2 year adventure in Arizona, followed by our current adventure in New York.  I love traveling and after my first backpacking trip I have been enamored with the idea of learning more about the outdoors, using hiking and backpacking as a connection to my spirituality and escape from worry, and strengthening myself physically and mentally.


Q: Why don’t you feature pictures of yourself like other bloggers that feature fashion?

A: Mostly to keep my life somewhat private and because my free time is limited.