pork & cookies Monthly Roundup

This month

Time flies by so fast!  I can’t believe I’ve already gotten so many followers.  I’ve reached the following numeric goals and continue to climb.  Thanks for all the support!

Twitter: >300 followers

Instagram: >300 followers

Pinterest: >500 followers and >3,000 monthly views

Bloglovin: >100 followers

Blog Post Roundup

I’d like to go back and share some of my favorite posts!  Some of these are just the most popular and some are my favorite features or ones that I am more proud of.

  1. IUD: Let’s get personal.  This is one of my more personal posts and it got a lot of attention.
  2. The Rules of NYC Transit.  This one is just part of my day-to-day and I had a lot of fun writing it!
  3. KARMA.  A fun story and one of my new favorite items!   We literally use it every day!
  4. Purchase Roundup.  If you’re interested in some of the things I buy over the month, I do these monthly roundups.


Here are a few more!


pinterest spring fashion

spring swimsuit

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