Outfit 3 ways: Vday edition

“Outfit 3 ways” is my presentation of an outfit I come across and share 3 different versions of purchasing.  Some people really prefer to spend a tighter budget on their clothing.  Some people are willing to splurge on the right items, but still within their limits.  Others put more priority on their wardrobe (or have the means to) and would prefer to buy higher value items as they are often representative of greater quality or brand name. 

I usually opt to wear all black in honor of Valentine’s Day. Not to be a scrooge but it’s my playful way to poke fun at the holiday and I think it’s a bit overrated. At the same time, I think it’s important to show your spouse/whatever affection and appreciation from time to time so a random day in February is as good a day as any. Over the weekend, I was looking for inspiration for a Valentine’s Day outfit…even though I still probably will not wear red (it’s just not my color). I think this outfit is a good example of a warm cozy Valentine’s Day outfit (for me the hearts would be a bit much any other day of the year but to each their own).

source: Pinterest (


Outfit 1 (budget version):

Outfit 2 (moderate spending):

Outfit 3 (wardrobe priority):

Also, I have to mention a current sale at Neiman Marcus on their warm, comfy cashmere collection.  I know it’s nearing spring but winter isn’t over yet!  Now is the best time to make these purchases with many of the items 50% off or more.  Cashmere can be pretty expensive so watching out for sales like this can save you a lot of money if you love cashmere!  Sorry if you get bored by neutral colors but I tend to prefer them because it’s easier to match and I’m more likely to get good use out of them with more versatility.



From left to right, top to bottom.  1) I think the lace sleeves are unique but maybe not the best shirt for a really cold day.  2) Fur not particularly my style but definitely looks warm and cozy.  3) I love a comfortable flowy cover-up.  Easy to pair with almost any shirt underneath.  4) This is my favorite shirt in the collection.  It bunches up in the right place (think big lunch).  5) Love the simplicity of this top.  6) I wear open cardigans all the time.  I think they work well both for casual and professional outfits.

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