IUD: Let’s get personal

What is an IUD?

An IUD is a form of contraception; it stands for Intrauterine Device.  As all forms of contraception, besides abstinence, it’s not 100% guaranteed to prevent pregnancy.  However, an IUD has a prevention rate of over 99.9%, which is better than condoms (98% if used perfectly) or pills (99% when used perfectly).   Other methods are also more difficult to use consistently so with inconsistency, those rates drop quite substantially.


How does it work?

An IUD is a small device is inserted into your uterus.  There are 5 approved different brands/versions but the one I have experience with is Mirena.

Benefits of Mirena?
  • Pregnancy prevention
  • Only need to change once every 5 years
  • Will not menstruate.  I’m sure most people see this as a benefit!
  • You don’t have to remember to do anything such as taking a pill. (Do check occasionally for the string, though)



Prevention is done by using the hormone progestin.  However, one form is a copper IUD.  This works for up to 12 years and does not contain any hormones.  Because of this, you will still get your period.  Are you worried about not being able to get pregnant after having an IUD?  Don’t worry, there is no risk; you can get pregnant almost immediately after removing it, so if you’re ready just get it removed.  How do you get an IUD?  You must make an appointment with your doctor who will determine if you are an appropriate candidate and have no risk factors.  It is usually covered by insurance.

Want to learn more?

Also, feel free to leave comments with questions.  I’m happy to answer anything I can!

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