If I was a rich girl (series)

Want quality pieces at lower prices? 

In an attempt to start some series rolling on my blog, this is my feature “If I was a rich girl (sale)”.  It’s a feature of some items I’d buy if I had a lot more money!  Sometimes I think it’s worth spending a good amount on key pieces but at the same time…I love taking vacations too!

I know there are people out there who value investing more in their wardrobe but still value a good sale!  So here are some nice pieces that cost a bit more but are on sale, nonetheless.

(left to right, top to bottom)

1. 40% off!  Vince hoodie 51% cashmere.  My husband loves this brand so much because they make quality clothing and are really comfortable.  He has a couple of their hoodies for men and wears them weekly.
2. 40% off!  Vince.  I had to feature one more of their items since these really were items that caught my eye right away.  This one is 100% cashmere and a unique style in the back.
3. 40% off!  Protagonist.  I think bodysuits are great because it gives the look of tucking your shirt in without all the fabric and worry about it coming undone every time you sit.  This top is either sexy (sans undershirt) or professional with a layering top underneath.
4.  30% off!  Sexy, bad girl vibe leggings.  You need the right body for these, but they could look hot for the right party or night out.
5. 40% off!  I love an easy, comfortable t-shirt.  It’s effortless to look cute and casual.
6. 30% off!  I think these shoes are super classy and would be great in a corporate environment.  I’d pair them with black pants.
7. 76% off!  If you like this, there aren’t many left so grab it quick.  I think it’s a flattering style for any body shape!
8. 30% off! In my opinion, you need to be careful with jumpsuits.  I don’t think they usually look good but I think this one is great!  It looks comfortable and well-fitting.  It looks classy and feminine.
9. 30% off! Yes, only green is available.  But, it’s a slight minty green.  Sometimes the only color available on sale is the worst color, but in this case it is actually a color I would choose because it’s subtle but a bit unique instead of your typical black or white bag.  I like the simplicity.


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