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Wardrobe Updates

As we head further into spring and warm weather, a lot of us will be making wardrobe updates.  Some of what I’ll be doing is packing up some of my super warm sweaters, jackets, hats/mittens, and winter boots and putting them into storage.  In terms of updating my wardrobe for spring, I will be looking for some cute new sandals (like these) since I wore out most of mine living in Arizona.  I also need some new sleeveless tees!


Sale Favorites

Here are some great items that are currently on sale!  These are great items for in-between weather extremes.  Right now in NYC, it’s fairly warm during the day (50-60) but still gets brisk at night, especially along the river.

  • I really like to have some shirts I can throw over a tank top which makes the day-to-night transition simple and quick.  I love having a button-up chambray, or a casual, loose sweater (this and this).
  • Dresses!  On the warmer days of spring, it’s great to have a midi dress that you could easily pair with a denim jacket, or just a shirt dress with longer sleeves!
  • I’m on the lookout for a couple new pairs of jeans/pants.  The distressed denim is still really in style, and I love these BlankNYC ones as pictured below.  They’re a great brand for petites (and affordable!)

Got any favorites?  What is your favorite spring transition item?

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