Every NYC girl has this boot

I recently moved from the sunny Southwest to New York, so my winter clothing collection was a bit lacking.  I really didn’t have much besides sunglasses, shorts, tank tops, and sandals.  I wanted to find a winter boot that was fitting for life in the city: stylish, comfortable, and practical.

A winter boot in New York City needs to be waterproof: ready for sleet, rain, or deep snow.  They need to be comfortable for a lot of walking around the city and standing on the busy subway.  Lastly, the boot needs to be warm as you never know how long you might be standing at a bus stop!

Walking around the city, I notice there is one boot that almost all of the women have: the Hunter boot.  Hunter boots are stylish and practical and come in various colors.  They also have a separately sold lining.


For me, I wanted something a little bit different.  I did my research and tried a couple styles on my feet.  Finally, I stumbled upon the boot that was perfect for me.  I chose the Sorel Joan of Arctic wedge boot.  The boot has a heel to give a touch of femininity, a slender yet warm feel, and is adjustable around your ankle by a lace-up.  They are waterproof and durable and midway through February I am happy with my selection so far.



Below you will also see some other boots that were under consideration because they were ones that looked comfortable and were reviewed as such.  Most of them had a slight heel, and were styles that I was personally attracted to.

The top left boots I chose because I think they’re a bit unique compared to most winter boots.  To the right of those is another version of Joan of Arctic but with some faux fur and a bit more appropriate for heavier snow than NYC.  Reviews say they run a bit small so keep that in mind.  The top right ones will not be good for deep snow but they have a nice warm fleece lining.  The leftmost boot in the middle row has a warm shearling lining and they are made in Italy.  The boots in the very center have fantastic reviews and seem to be an excellent choice for areas with more extreme cold as well.  The middle right boots are another more fit for deeper snow, again with some faux fur lining.   Bottom left have a warm lining as well as the bottom right boots (which reviews also mention have a very comfortable foot bed).  The bottom middle boots are ones that I owned a similar version of.  I loved them, they are comfortable and warm, but they are not waterproof.  However, they are more versatile in style; you can wear them pulled up, slouched, or folded over.




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