Crazy Harlee

I love my dog more than anything.  He’s my best friend and saving him from the shelter, saved me.  I got Harlee at an animal shelter in Los Angeles, where I was temporarily living at the time.  When I rescued him, he was a tiny puppy, just about 7 lbs.  He was labeled as a mix and I wasn’t sure how big he’d turn out to be.  I had been cruising the shelter looking at another dog I had seen online when I walked past a little pile of puppies cuddled together on the cold cement.  There were 6: 2 white, 2 brown, 2 black.  

I had my eye on one of the little white ones (I think white dogs are beautiful!) with 2 different colored eyes.  I took him out of the kennel to interact with him.  When he climbed right up on me and nibbled on me with his piranha teeth, I knew he had to be mine.    I collaborated with a local rescue agency and was able to facilitate a foster agreement (and then adoption).

(hoodie I am wearing)

He would sleep curled in a tiny ball by my shoulder.  I took him everywhere and got him socialized through doggy daycare and dog parks around the city.  He hated when I left and barked a lot (got me in trouble).  He’s been my motivation to get healthy multiple times; a piece of my life that made me want recovery.  Harlee has moved with me and always been by my side.


I support ASPCA!

Please donate if you support animal rescue – ASPCA is the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

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