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  • iceland travel list
    Adventure Travel

    My Travel List for Iceland

    Travel List? I  will be adding Travel Lists for each country I’m interested in traveling to.  I will be featuring 5 places/things that are worth seeing or doing while you visit.…

  • frozen waterfall
    Adventure Dogs

    Winter camping in the Catskills

    Have you been winter camping?  That’s how I spent the last weekend, with an group called Destination Backcountry Adventures, that organizes outdoor trips primarily in the Catskills and Adirondack regions of…

  • weekend sales
    Adventure Fashion

    Weekend sale for your radar

    I’m off to the wilderness for the weekend so I’ll leave you with some a great sale (or a few!) that just started!   Backcountry: One of my favorite stores, Backcountry,…

  • Adventure Fashion Food

    Favorite blogs of the week

    I read bloglovin every morning to see what else is out there, for inspiration and simply for enjoyment.  Today I wanted to share some of my favorite outfits I’ve seen recently,…

  • Adventure Food Life

    Weekend roundup

    I really try to make my weekends adventurous.  I work during the week full-time and have a nearly 3 hours round trip commute.  I might be tired but I feel like…

  • Adventure Recovery

    Recovery & Adventure

    I got sober a bit over 2 years ago and will perhaps share my story at another time. I heard an old lady once say “I didn’t sober up to be miserable”.…