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    13 ways I “Netflix and Chill”

    Netflix Lately After taking about a year off of Netflix, my husband and I restarted our subscription so that we could watch Chef’s Table.  Ever since restarting, we have been looking…

  • Life

    pork & cookies Monthly Roundup

    This month Time flies by so fast!  I can’t believe I’ve already gotten so many followers.  I’ve reached the following numeric goals and continue to climb.  Thanks for all the support!…

  • nyc transit

    The Rules of NYC Transit

    NYC transit As someone who now lives in New York (see my reviews here and here), it was inevitable that I would be riding public transit.  That’s just what you do…

  • living in nyc
    Life Travel

    Living in NYC (4 months)

    NYC Update It’s been another month since I last posted some of the pros and cons of NYC from my perspective.  I would say my feelings over the last month have gotten…

  • karma blender
    Food Life


    Karma Karma.  The sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences (source: Google).  Do you believe in karma?  Even…

  • iceland travel list
    Adventure Travel

    My Travel List for Iceland

    Travel List? I  will be adding Travel Lists for each country I’m interested in traveling to.  I will be featuring 5 places/things that are worth seeing or doing while you visit.…

  • st patrick's dress
    Fashion Food Life

    St Patrick’s Day Favorites

    I’ll admit I completely forgot to wear green today.  I am sober so St Patrick’s Day isn’t really a holiday of much interest to me.  However, my husband is part-Irish and…