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    pork & cookies Monthly Roundup

    This month Time flies by so fast!  I can’t believe I’ve already gotten so many followers.  I’ve reached the following numeric goals and continue to climb.  Thanks for all the support!…

  • nyc transit

    The Rules of NYC Transit

    NYC transit As someone who now lives in New York (see my reviews here and here), it was inevitable that I would be riding public transit.  That’s just what you do…

  • living in nyc
    Life Travel

    Living in NYC (4 months)

    NYC Update It’s been another month since I last posted some of the pros and cons of NYC from my perspective.  I would say my feelings over the last month have gotten…

  • karma blender
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    Karma Karma.  The sum of a person’s actions in this and previous states of existence, viewed as deciding their fate in future existences (source: Google).  Do you believe in karma?  Even…

  • iceland travel list
    Adventure Travel

    My Travel List for Iceland

    Travel List? I  will be adding Travel Lists for each country I’m interested in traveling to.  I will be featuring 5 places/things that are worth seeing or doing while you visit.…

  • st patrick's dress
    Fashion Food Life

    St Patrick’s Day Favorites

    I’ll admit I completely forgot to wear green today.  I am sober so St Patrick’s Day isn’t really a holiday of much interest to me.  However, my husband is part-Irish and…

  • snowflake

    Snowflakes for an NYC snow day

    Snow day! Work and school are canceled, transit has many delays, and flights are canceled.  Many stores and restaurants are also not opening today. Here in New York City, almost 20…