I spent 2 years living in the blazing Arizona sun (and a year in LA), living in flip flops, sundresses, shorts, tank tops, and swimsuits.  Then, I would stop into a grocery store and walk around with goosebumps until I got back outside.  Same with movie theaters, malls, and my work office (not that I was wearing shorts there but they still seem to crank up the AC).  

I learned to keep a hoodie or cardigan in my car at all times!  As times in Arizona were short-lived and not the type of environment I grew up in, I just like anything that acts as a cover-up just out of comfort.  I love hoodies, cardigans, sweaters, sweatshirts, light jackets….bomber jackets.

Bomber jackets are a great addition to a wardrobe.  They can add a bit of style to a simple t-shirt and jeans (and keep you warm in the movies).  As spring is [sort of] on the horizon, I think we’ll be seeing a lot more of these soon; they’re perfect for spring as the temperature wavers.

Here’s a great assortment of bombers (or similar style) that are all on sale!

Free People:  This one is simple, very affordable (and 40% off).  Ribbed cuffs and waistline, front pockets.  It comes in 3 colors (black, olive green, sort of a maroon/wine color).

Rag & Bone: I really like the waistline details on this one (“varsity stripes”).  This jacket has a quilted pattern and is also made in USA if that’s something you like to support (I do).

Vince: Already previously mentioned this brand that my husband loves.  There stuff is always comfortable and good quality.  It is also a quilted pattern and comes in olive green.

Blank NYC:  This is a brand I really like – they fit petites well.   I added this one because it’s a bit more unique with a floral pattern.  I’m usually not into floral but I kind of like this one.

Shopbop:  Super affordable.  This jacket is a light “blush” color (there is also a darker color called “dusty cedar”.  It’s made of all satin so it’ll be soft and smooth.

Topshop: This is my favorite of the group because it’s simple, dark colored, and the zipper blends in a bit more with the jacket.  It comes in navy blue or pink.

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