Petite Picks for Weekend Sales

    Weekend Sale 1: Banana Republic

    This weekend, Banana Republic is having a sale that gives you a lot of opportunity to save money if you’re willing to pick through items.  Any item already on sale will be an extra 50% off!  A lot of times, us petite women can find some good options here.  Banana Republic is the source of a lot of my clothing for work!  All pictured below are petite options and I’m especially digging the black wrap dress!

    Weekend Sale 2: LOFT

    LOFT is also a great option if you need petite items.  They have sales often and they run pretty small.  I did have issues with their dress sizes, personally, but maybe they will work for your body type!  This weekend you can get 40% off everything using code GETHAPPY!  I love the simplicity of this striped dress and reminds me of the one you can find Catherine at Unfancy wearing!

    Weekend Sale 3: J. Crew

    I own a few items from J. Crew and know they tend to run big.  But, they size down to XXXS which options for a wider span of people than most brands.  They have a lot of simplistic pieces and are reasonably priced.  I will mention that finding work pants there was not a success for me but I have a few more casual pieces from them.  Right now get 40% off of sale items using the code HOPTOIT!  Great petite options featured below include a sunny yellow shirt to welcome the spring weather!

    Weekend Sale 4: Lord & Taylor

    Lord and Taylor carries quite a bit of variety!  They have a lot of more high-end clothing items if you’re looking for that but also a lot that is affordable.  And, although less-known for petite clothing they definitely do have a petite section!  With a 3-day special they are promoting 30% off of most swimwear and 25% off many dresses!   If you like the white dress below, check out some other pretty white dresses I’ve featured (here).

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